Located amid the picturesque village of Iringal, a wonderful world of tradition in the form of finest handicrafts, this exquisite blend of tradition with culture, Sargaalaya has got it all to bestow a unique and joyful experience for every visitor. With highly skilled artisans from over 20 traditional villages across the state of Kerala brought together under one roof, the village builds a platform for their cultural and financial development. The art and craft products at Sargaalaya are not limited within Kerala however, the astonishing examples of exceptional skills range from various states across the country. Besides getting familiar with many works of art that take expression on different materials, visitors can satisfy themselves off the quality of the finished products. Sargaalaya offers a live display of craftsmanship providing a close look at every aspect of manufacturing for art and craft enthusiasts and even conducts workshops for people who desire to learn about it. Sargaalaya is expected to energize the traditional craft sector of Kerala, also to serve as a single source for visitors to appreciate and learn the traditional crafts and craftsmanship of Kerala.